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Jonathon Larsen, Self Portrait in CMYK

Jonathon Larsen is a multidisciplinary artist & filmmaker currently located in the central Victorian goldfields town of Daylesford.

He has evolved a diverse range of skills working as an animator, illustrator, filmmaker, photographer and designer in his digitally based creative business called At other times he has found himself working in a regional gallery, as an online learning designer at UNE and as a project manager in community arts.

He has always been interested in the trans-formative nature of creativity, both at a personal and community level. Teaching art and working as a community artist has added another dimension to his studio practice.

His prints and paintings have been acquired in both public and private collections. With an exhibition history spanning over three decades, he has also been screened in various film festivals and won the odd award. He is a multiple grant recipient and has been shown in Sculpture by the Sea.

He is currently focused on his studio practice and working as a freelance creative.

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